About Me

Dr. Leen Alhoussan knows that it is essential to continue research in medicine to develop new diagnostic and treatment options for conditions. During her young medical career, Dr. Leen Alhoussan has already participated in numerous research projects.

For example, she has participated in research on ovarian cancer, female cancer that still has a high mortality rate compared to other cancer types. She conducted this research project in conjunction with the University Health Network in Toronto with Princess Margaret Hospital.

Furthermore, she has participated in neurology research projects with the University of Ottawa. The research project explored how the nerves of the central nervous system communicate to control various parts of the human body, seeking to learn more about how the brain functions.

She has also worked with the University of Ottawa to conduct a research project in the kinesiology department, which focuses on the various movement of the human body, how the muscles coordinate with one another, and how the body processes signals to stay coordinated. She has nurtured this passion for research, learning lots of new skills.

She continues to conduct research, currently working with the vascular surgery department to study amputations. There are numerous reasons why someone might need an amputation, ranging from severe injuries to chronic illness. She is a part of audits in the department, looking above below the knee and above the knee amputations. The study looks at pain scores following surgery while giving patients pregabalin, a common medication for nerve pain.

She is also working on a research study looking at patient mortality rates after major abdominal surgery, identifying ways to reduce the rates of complications. Finally, she is participating in a study that looks at patients with diabetes. They commonly develop foot complications and require surgical procedures. The study takes a look at rates of surgical success. These studies are also taking place in conjunction with the vascular surgery department.

Nurturing Interests Outside of Medicine

The burnout rate in medicine is high, particularly right now, so doctors need to have interests outside Medicine. Dr. Leen Alhoussan has several hobbies; she likes to explore when she isn't working at the hospital. In particular, she loves to explore her creative side. She enjoys working on her drawing and painting skills, where she tries to bring a variety of subjects to life on the canvas.

Sometimes, she even combines her love of drawing and painting with her love of animals. She loves to work with animals of all kinds, and she sometimes tries to nurture injured animals back to health. She loves to donate her time and energy to organizations that focus on helping animals.

Even though she maintains a busy schedule, she tries to keep herself in shape. She goes to the gym regularly as she knows taking care of her body is the best way to take care of her mind and keep it sharp for her next day at the hospital.

Finally, she loves to listen to music as well. She is passionate about all types of music, and she loves to keep up with the latest releases from many hot up-and-coming artists. She even likes to go to concerts when she has time off from her rigorous job. She also loves to spend time with her friends and family.


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